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<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>
Python 2.6.6: /usr/bin/python
Wed Oct 18 00:02:54 2017

A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.

 /home/project-web/rpg-1d6/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi in ()
   19 #os.environ["HGENCODING"] = "UTF-8"
   21 from mercurial.hgweb.hgwebdir_mod import hgwebdir
   22 from mercurial.hgweb.request import wsgiapplication
   23 import mercurial.hgweb.wsgicgi as wsgicgi
mercurial undefined, hgwebdir undefined
 /home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/hgweb/__init__.py in ()
    7 # of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
    9 import hgweb_mod, hgwebdir_mod
   11 def hgweb(*args, **kwargs):
hgweb_mod undefined, hgwebdir_mod undefined
 /home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/hgweb/hgweb_mod.py in ()
   11 from mercurial.node import *
   12 from mercurial.i18n import gettext as _
   13 from mercurial import mdiff, ui, hg, util, archival, streamclone, patch
   14 from mercurial import revlog, templater
   15 from common import get_mtime, staticfile, style_map, paritygen
mercurial undefined, mdiff undefined, ui undefined, hg undefined, util undefined, archival undefined, streamclone undefined, patch undefined
 /home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/mdiff.py in ()
    6 # of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
    8 import bdiff, mpatch, re, struct, util, md5
   10 def splitnewlines(text):
bdiff undefined, mpatch undefined, re undefined, struct undefined, util undefined, md5 undefined

<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: /home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/bdiff.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32
      args = ('/home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/bdiff.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32',)
      message = '/home/groups/r/rp/rpg-1d6/lib/hg-0.9.4/mercurial/bdiff.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32'